4th International Rezept-Sport Wheelchair Half marathon



9th of October 2018, the 4th International Rezept-Sport Wheelchair Half Marathon will take place on the Sochi racing track.

This spectacular half marathon has already become a high-profile international event for athletes with disabilities. Participation in sports events on the Formula 1 track with all the necessary infrastructure is a unique experience and every athlete’s dream. The number of our marathon participants has been growing every year, confirming that the competition has gained a strong position among persons with disabilities.

I am confident that our half marathon, during which athletes get a chance to test themselves, and spectators get vivid emotions, serves the purpose of developing Paralympic sports and helps participants keep up their sports spirit.

I encourage all athletes and like-minded persons to take part in the half marathon!

Sincerely yours,
Organizing Committee Chair
4th International Rezept-Sport Wheelchair Half marathon,
Member of the IPC Athletes’ Council,
Paralympic champion Mikhail Terentiev