6th International "Rezept-Sport" Wheelchair Half Marathon

Competition regulations



Dear fans, dear athletes!

I invite you to the Sochi Autodrom race track on October 23, 2020, where the 6th International "Rezept-Sport" Wheelchair Half Marathon will be held.

Half marathon is a great chance for every athlete to show his best on the famous F1 track "Sochi Autodrom".

Participation gives you an opportunity to exchange experience with like-minded people, as well as improve your own results.

Undoubtedly, sport is movement, and movement is life. By participating in the race, you are contributing to the development of the Paralympic movement, which unites lots of people around the world!

Absolute sure that examples of the participants' fortitude and will to win helps many people gain confidence in their abilities, and all fans will get vivid impressions!

Sincerely yours,
Mikhail Terentiev,
Organising Committee Chair
6th International Rezept-Sport Wheelchair Half Marathon,
Paralympic champion