10th International "Rezept-Sport" Wheelchair Half Marathon

Competition regulations


Dear participants, organizers and guests of the X International Rezept-Sport Wheelchair Half Marathon!

Glad to see you again today! Our holiday of sports and willpower will be held for the tenth anniversary time!

For ten whole years we have been meeting here with members of the Paralympic team, athletes from various regions of Russia, like-minded people and friends to see the triumph of fortitude and sportsmanship!

The Rezept-Sport Half Marathon brings together not only athletes with disabilities, but also those who are just starting their journey in sports and strive for the highest achievements. Competitors demonstrate by personal example, without further ado, that sport has no boundaries! All that matters is character, determination and painstaking methodical preparation, the results of which invariably bring the desired victory!

Such events always help to draw people's attention to the problems of people with disabilities, reminding us that true character needs the opportunity to realize itself. Sport becomes the starting point of the most fantastic changes in life, motivates us to move forward and achieve ever new goals in life.

I sincerely believe that any person can achieve a goal if he believes in himself!

Good luck!

Mikhail Terentiev,

aralympic champion,

Chairperson of the Organizing Committee of

X International Rezept-Sport Wheelchair Half Marathon